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Three pillars

Unique combination

between data and road safety expertise

By bringing together road safety expertise and full stack developers with much experience in mobility and road safety data we deliver mobility solutions such as our extensive


. In addition, we have an open attitude. We achieve substantiated and useful results through effective collaboration both internally between data / technology and road safety as well as externally with road maintainers, policy makers, knowledge partners and other companies. We know what is going on and what is required in the complex mobility and road safety domain. In addition, we know what is technically feasible with available data. In summary, with the three pillars 1) data & technology, 2) road safety and 3) effective collaboration expertise we achieve our end goal to improve mobility and road safety.

Collaboration example

Development of roadsafetymodel.com

with a stakeholder group

Together with a front group of road maintainers DOK combines results from custom projects into an (inter)national standard product useful for all road maintainers in the Netherlands and beyond called


. The objective is to offer a relevant road safety product for reasonable costs. Besides the aforementioned front group, DOK also works with diverse private partners such as Arcadis for road safety expertise, ANWB for Safe Driving data and Cyclomedia for bicycle data.

Collaborative development
  • Sipke van der Meulen
    'With the site roadsafetymodel.com we (market and public sector road safety coordinators) are developing in united cooperation a nice product that is useful for road maintainers and the society. The power of this initiative is the combining of knowledge, finances and data! Fryslân is happy to contribute to this.'

    Sipke van der Meulen, senior directeur director traffic safety at the Province of Fryslân

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