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Data and road safety

to reduce the number of traffic accidents


We offer a unique combination between advanced data and road safety expertise. With actionable mobility solutions such as


, we deliver substantiated and useful road safety advice and policies for road maintainers. Furthermore, we have an open attitude; we like to work together with others to achieve relevant results.

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Mobility solutions

that matter

Our product


provides a solid basis in our projects and is being used by many road maintainers.

Ongevalrisico app


with impact


DOK works together with many municipalities and provinces. We know what is going on, both regarding the mobility task at hand as well as the internal processes and challenges. By paying attention to these aspects, we jointly meet the needs of governments in a tailor-made manner. Please feel free to contact us to explore a mobility issue at hand in a non-binding manner.

In addition, we work together with other consulting and engineering companies, knowledge partners and other private partners. We are part of a large network within the mobility and road safety domain and we often present our work at conferences and events. This valuable network enables us to share knowledge and organize the right resources to solve all kinds of mobility challenges. Together we are strong!

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